Project Noah-Citizen’s Science

Just recently I posted about Citizen’s Science, aka projects that might involve contributing towards scientific research that I guess is more about participation than donating, well that’s one way. Hmm, that may have been a garbled intro, what I want to say is hey, there’s this really interesting organisation called Project Noah that has set up a website where you can upload images of the bio category, say plants & animals etc.noah2

emerald moth golden tortoise beetle noah So, there’s the deal, general viewing is enabled without joining, though signing up is easy as pie, why wouldn’t you?

Joining means participating which could mean a whole host of things such as identifying, uploading your own images and there’s also chat, so you can strike conversations with some likeminded people.



Personally, I fall head over heels for most critters and plants but this one to the left, the Emerald Moth-Oennochroma infantilis, which is found in Australia has particular appeal. I’d really like to illustrate this one!!


Hanging out on that finger is a Golden Tortoise Beetle – Aspidimorpha sanctaecrusis. Seriously, you need to check out this site, if only for a second, I’ll bet it can hold your interest a while.

So , if you haven’t yet gathered, anyone can join, upload an image to the site and it will display like this  page showing the lanternfly. There’s a GPS location included and below, is a place for comments, where if you need help for species ID, there is a large community willing to assist.  Comments by the way are not always scientific  in nature. Take the comment “gorgeous” about 2 Eastern Brown Snakes peering from a watering can as um, not essentially descriptive of the species.

visit Project Noah with this link


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