Citizen’s Science

As the title implies, non pro’s can participate in research too. Not only that, we all need to stoke this fire by collaborating with others to search for and record vital clues and indicators within our environments.  I’m talking nature and I’m taking my impulse straight from the Scientific American webpage because they are the bomb when it comes to listing these projects. I refer to their site for my suggestions.

So, why not bunnyparticipate, just think of the satisfaction knowing that you are helping the earth and inhabitants. Don’t you deserve that warm fuzzy feeling?

Just in case you don’t like rabbits, share some of your appreciative cookies for the folks and dogs that have successfully eradicated rabbits, rats and mice from Macquarie Island. The removal of these non native pests means that the remote island 1,500 kilometres south-east of Tasmania in the sub-Antarctic has now been relieved of the critters that undermined the earth or ate the native nesting bird’s eggs. Not saying this was community based, just pointing out that a collaborative effort towards the environment has occurred and this is the spirit of positive change..for Macquarie Island at least..not so positive for rabbit and rodents.

Kudos to you if you become involved in some community or global research..knowledge is key and there is power in numbers, so here’s some starters and links.

How Radioactive Is Our Ocean?Help U.S. marine scientists monitor the spread of radiation across the Pacific Ocean from Japan’s damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

iSeahorse A tool for improving scientists’ understanding of seahorses and protecting them from overfishing and other threats

MySwan (Australia) Australians can help scientists study black swans living at Albert Park Lake, in the urban heart of Melbourne

There are 9 pages on Scientific American alone, with projects and research opportunities all over the globe. Visit Citizen Science and be inspired to do something

UPDATE – go checkout projectnoah





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