oh wait..was that an owl?

I’ve spent countless hours on the roads recently, so my car is beginning to feel like home anyway. BTW, I actually like that feeling-belonging to a place, even if it just a car, my tent evokes similar feelings. Perhaps I am just romanticizing the reasons for all the hours spent driving.

I had a moment the other day where I clutched my packed up tent to my chest as if connecting to my heart, giving it a good squeeze, I think it was actually a hug. Jeez, I see this all from a distance and caught myself doing this. That was surely some kind of moment…but I love camping and I appreciate the simplicity of how easy it is to set up my tent!!

Advancing from this, part of my creativity lives on whilst I embark on the sometimes dirt and mostly tar routes, here I share with you part one of my night time photography, using car headlights as a subject enhancer. Jeez, what next?bus stop,outside of dubbo NSW pines owl road lines south of Glen Innes, NSW Daisies..or is this pyrethrum?


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